Marriage problem Solutions

Marriage Problem Solution

Husband Wife Relationships

If aggressive behavior of spouse makes your life miserable resulting in deterioration of career & you don't want to sacrifice peace & success on regular basis;

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There are many planets which cause such troubles so these problems need specific mantras or hymns according to commanding deities of each planet.

Pandit Vishwanath can easily provide instant remedies for the planetary positions or stars which are bringing misfortunes to the affected couple and you will find harmonization,love,affection,joy,peace & adjustments back in life.

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Using vedic astrology , Jyotish Vishwanath who is widely known as most powerful astrologer in the world will improve your domestic circumstances & relationships with your beloved partner. 

Love Problem Solution

Yantra - Rectify Domestic Discords/Quarrels

Wretched behaviors of spouse due to circumstances beyond control of any couple with least knowledge of planetary positions, horoscope compatibility charts or star signs can lead to troubles like discords or quarrels in regular basis.

But, these circumstance cannot be rectified if delayed since enemy in the form of negative energy may be present inside our own body,house,surroundings. 

Avoid yourself falling prey to superstitious cults or occult practices through any medium.

Pandit Vishwanath will remove all hurdles towards way of happy married life.

Call  Jyotish Vishwanath +91-8003663331 who'll chant mantras or hyms in order to improve your planetary conditions resolving all troubles & husband wife relationships using his 50 years expertise in ishta siddhi & samudrika shastra.

Prayers For Reconciliation

Prayers For Reconciliation 


Magic 99 Yantra

Magic 99 Square Yantra

Ashtagandha is prepared by mixing eight ingredients Agara/Alor Wood, Tagara/Tabernaemontana coronaria,Gorochan/bile of cattle,Kasturi/Plant Hibiscus Abelmoschus,Chandan/Sandalwood,Sindoor/Grislea Tomentosa,Red Chandan/Red Sandalwood,Kapoor/Camphor. 

Use Ashtagandha in writing a magic 99 yantra shown above on a bhojpatra paper which is a paper sheet made from Betula utilis a birch tree, hang it on on inside wall of house or entrance.